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Dr. Jim Mastrich, Psychologist and
Certified Mental Performance Consultant

Dr. Jim Mastrich

Dr. Jim Mastrich

Dr. Jim Mastrich is a Licensed Psychologist, Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Certified Mental Performance Consultant with a private practice in Kingston, New Jersey.

The author of several books and numerous publications, he specializes in a broad range of clinical and performance issues including sport psychology, relationship and communication skills, anxiety and depression,and substance abuse problems.

Really WinningIn his book Really Winning, Dr. Mastrich makes a case for using sports as a medium for developing character and integrity in boys. In his speaking engagements and consultations with athletic programs, Dr. Mastrich stresses the utility of sports to foster sound personality development from childhood through the early adult years for both genders. He believes that victory without honor is no victory at all and encourages the development of the noble warrior — the scholar-athlete who maintains a sense of humility and is tireless in his or her pursuit of excellence.

In his book Strong Enough for Two, Dr. Mastrich explores the issue of enabling and codependency and assists the reader understand these dynamics and how to unravel this pattern of behavior in their lives. In the ACOA’s Guide to Raising Healthy Children, the reader is assisted in breaking the cycle of addiction and emotional and behavioral dysfunction in their families and the developing personalities of their children.

In his practice, Dr. Jim Mastrich applies the common sense and pragmatic principles of sport psychology in a humanistic approach helping adolescents and adults experience the satisfaction of achieving their life goals. His clients’ aspirations are frequently academic, career based, relationship oriented, athletic, or centered around personal growth and self-acceptance. Please explore this site and contact Dr. Mastrich if you have further questions, wish to schedule an appointment or arrange a speaking engagement.