Dealing with Coaches: Especially the Difficult Ones

Categories: Children's Sports,Coaching,Parenting,Sports | July 28, 2009

The relationship between a coach and his or her players is one of the most important parts – if not the most important part – of a child’s sports experience. The nature and quality of this relationship can determine whether children decide to continue in a particular sport or – if they really get turned off by a coach – in any sport activity for that matter. On the other hand a positive, endearing, and fun connection with a coach can have a profound impact on developing particular sport skills, the foundations of sportsmanship, but more importantly fostering the development of solid character and self-esteem. How then should you relate to a person who holds such a central place in your child’s athletic life? read more…


The Origins of Sport Psychology

Categories: Coaching,Sport Psychology,Sports | August 1, 2008

I’m going to tell you a little about sport psychology and where it came from. When many people think of sport psychology they have an image of a high priced consultant helping Tiger Woods or Lance Armstrong to lock-in their incredible ability to focus by using some advanced scientific technique or perhaps by means of an ancient mystical method. People might also imagine a sport psychologist using some complicated hypnotic procedure to assist A-Rod to break out of a batting slump. read more…