Professional Consultation

Case consultation is available upon request and is available in a variety of formats.

Case Consultation—Sport Psychology

A coach, counselor, or psychologist may wish assistance and feedback on how they are handling a particular individual who has not been receptive to coaching, who has been disruptive to team cohesion, or who needs help with his or her performance. Sometimes the functioning of a team and increasing its overall performance and cohesion are the focus.

Case Consultation—Organizational Psychology

A manager or coach may find it helpful to consult for the purposes of motivating a team or work group. As the individuals are helped to work more cohesively as a unit, morale will increase and the overall performance of the team will be optimized.

Case Supervision—Substance Abuse

A counselor, social worker, or psychologist may seek consultation around a particularly difficult case dealing the abuse or addiction of alcohol, other substances or other compulsive behaviors. The focus may be on the addicted individual or on codependency and the larger family system. Similarly, a coach may wish consultation regarding the substance abuse of a team member and how this affects the team and overall performance. Consultation may be ongoing or arranged on a case-by-case basis.

For information regarding supervision and consultation, please contact Dr. Mastrich.