General Practice

Dr. Mastrich is prepared to assist any person, couple or team who wishes to increase their satisfaction and success in their life’s endeavors. Dr. Mastrich offers a broad range of clinical and performance services to help a person, couple or group move forward to achieve their goals. Among the issues that are typically addressed are:

  • Communication difficulties
  • Negative attitudes & beliefs
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Lack of fulfillment in academic & work activities
  • Inhibited performance in athletic, academic activities & work actvities
  • Substance abuse problems

Case consultation and supervision is available to professionals.


Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is the application of research based strategies for enhancing the performance of an athlete. The five skills of mental fitness are tailored to the specific needs of each individual athlete regardless of whether they are youth recreation or travel players, high school & college athletes, elite amateurs, or professionals. The difference between success and failure is frequently the result of what is between an individual’s ears; whether they doubt themselves, believe in the possible or are afraid of it. Sport Psychology is a pragmatic and down-to-earth method of helping the athlete get out of his or her own way and move toward the attainment their goals and sometimes, their dreams. Dr. Mastrich is certified as a Mental Performance Consultant by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology and is listed in the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee Sport Psychology Registry for 2004-2024.

Optimal Performance Psychology

This is the application of the principles of Sport Psychology to non-athletic situations. Optimal Performance Psychology helps a person or organization utilize their abilities and resources to reach their desired goals. What frequently begins with a problem to be solved, often leads to the discovery or enhancement of strengths or talents that had not yet been fully accessed.

Team Building & Integrity Sessions

Championships, award-winning performances, and successful marketing strategies are more typically the result of the collective power of a team effort rather than an exceptional performance by a superstar. When there is personal ownership of team goals and responsibilities, the level of achievement rises for all as a unit. Through the use of Integrity Sessions© we are able to make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Relationship Building

In a healthy relationship each partner’s reasonable expectations are met and they share a transparency characterized by honest and direct communication. Some relationships gradually lose degrees of this functionality when one or both partners become less reliable, less honest, and less respectful in their dealings with the other. This is frequently accompanied by a build-up of resentments. When this happens the relationship naturally loses its intimacy. A partner is acting as a ‘codependent’ or an ‘enabler’ when his or her actions (or inactions) inadvertently reinforce a dysfunctional pattern of behavior of the other. Dishonesty, infidelity, aggressiveness, alcohol and drug abuse or addiction, or other compulsive behavior are frequently the straws that break the back of a relationship. Codependency and enabling tendencies can be reduced and eventually eliminated as the individuals take more responsibility for their own piece in this drama. Individual and couples counseling are useful mediums for this work. In the workplace, supervision or manager consultation can be effective in addressing issues with a troubled employee or in building team cohesion.

Substance Abuse & Addiction Problems

An individual may be physically addicted to a substance such as alcohol or an opiate, or psychologically addicted to a substance such as marijuana or a compulsive behavior like gambling, internet pornography, or have an eating disorder. One of the classic symptoms of an addiction problem is that the person who is addicted is convinced to the contrary. A treatment strategy that meets the personality and life circumstance of the client, but that is honest and direct is in order. This is frequently comprised of a cognitive behavioral, insight-oriented counseling supported by twelve-step involvement as appropriate.