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Strong Enough for Two

Strong Enough for TwoPublished in 1990 by Macmillan Publishing Company
Published in 1995 in audio format by Recorded Books, Inc.

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Of all the general books on codependency that have been written, especially relating to alcohol abuse, this is by far the most thorough and comprehensive. Mastrich vividly details the behaviors that characterize dysfunctional families and enable abusers to continue their destructive ways. Anyone who questions whether they come from an alcoholic or other dysfunctional family will, after reading this important work, finally have their fears either confirmed or laid to rest…The author offers some useful tips on how to stop being codependent, but the real strength of this book lies in its skill at getting victims to recognize and acknowledge their own dysfunction.

Reviewed by Mary Banas for Booklist, January 1991

Jim Mastrich and his associate Bill Birnes have once again brought perspective, abundant information, and humane wisdom to the persistent disaster of ‘co-ing and enabling’ which assails so many caring and trapped people. They, and we who try to assist them, have gained a powerful tool for our purposes.

James F. T. Bugental, Ph.D. Department of Psychiatry, Stanford University & author of The Search for Authenticity: An Existential-Analytic Approach to Psychotherapy.