Dr. Mastrich has had the pleasure of working with esteemed colleagues, athletes, and professionals. Below is a selection of testimonials regarding their experience of working with Dr. Mastrich.

In my career as an athlete, I constantly searched for new approaches and new avenues to improve my performance. In a sporting era that has tempted athletes to choose the wrong path, there are still ways to improve yourself without resorting to unethical choices. My decision to meet and consult with Dr. Mastrich regarding my athletic career was very helpful, and I HIGHLY recommend that any athlete who takes their performance seriously would avail themselves to his services.
—Dan Beery

  • Member, U.S. Rowing & U.S. Olympic Team
  • Silver Medalist, Men’s Two+ 2002 World Championships
  • Gold Medalist, Men’s Two+ 2003 World Championships
  • Gold Medalist, Men’s Eight+ 2004 Athens Olympics
  • Gold Medalist, Men’s Eight+ 2005 World Championships
  • Gold Medalist, Men’s Four+ 2007 World Championships
  • Gold Medalist, Men’s Eight+ 2007 Pan-American Games
Dan Beery, U.S. Olympic Team

If you are searching for ways to increase your level of concentration look no further. With the help of Dr. Jim Mastrich I have been able to become the consistent World Champion Skeet shooter I knew I could be. With his knowledge and guidance I have been able to obtain my goals while being true to myself
—Holly Paul

  • 11 time All American Skeet Team Member
  • 9 time Gold Metal World Champion
  • 8 time Sliver Metal World Champion
  • 7 time Bronze Metal World Champion
  • 2009 National Skeet Shooting Hall of Fame Member
Holly Paul

Our team’s experience with Doc Mastrich was excellent. He taught us valuable lessons in team building that also were beneficial outside of the hockey locker room. We are proud of the culture we had in our locker room but Doc Mastrich made it even better.
—Guy Gadowsky

  • Head Coach Penn State University & Former Head Coach, Princeton University Men’s Hockey
  • 2008 ECAC Hockey Coach of the Year
Princeton Tigers

Dr. Mastrich was fantastic. Our players enjoyed working with him. He taught mental fitness skills to each player to help optimize their individual performance and used his Integrity Sessions to enhance our sense of teamwork. Overall, he taught them how to stay focused and thereby improved their practice and game performance.
—Jim Benedict

  • Former Rutgers University Wide Receiver Coach
  • Head Football Coach, Watchung Regional High School
Rutgers Scarlet Knights logo

I am very confident in the professionals on my referral list. There are only a few private counselors on the list and Jim Mastrich is one who has effectively helped Princeton High School students for a number of years. He has helped students dealing with very difficult situations. He definitely keeps up with the ever-changing teen culture and students find him accepting and easy to talk to. His evaluations are thorough, timely, and based on best practice techniques.
—Gwen Kimsal

  • Former Student Assistance Counselor
  • Princeton High School
Princeton High School logo

Dr. Mastrich has been a trusted resource for our students and parents for many years. In addition to being a skilled therapist, he collaborates very effectively with school personnel on behalf of his clients.
—Susan Coyle

  • Supervisor of Intervention Services
  • South Brunswick High School
South Brunswick High School logo