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The ACOA’s Guide to Raising Healthy Children

The ACOA's Guide to Raising Healthy Children

The ACOA’s Guide to Raising Healthy Children: A Parenting Handbook for Adult Children of Alcoholics (with Bill Birnes)

Published in 1988 by Macmillan Publishing Company
Published in 1995 in audio format by Recorded Books. Inc.

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The author is at his best when he provides simple, specific, straightforward advice, coupled with reassurance. The information presented is well thought out and researched and on this basis alone the volume is well worth owning. The book also shines in its generous use of case vignettes. These make the author’s points more clearly than any informational narrative could, and some are especially vivid and touching…As a whole, it is a valuable resource for ACOAs and non-ACOAs alike, in that it provides a useful roadmap of the parental terrain.

Reviewed by Jeffrey Fortgang, Ph.D. of Westwood Lodge Hospital for The Journal of Studies on Alcohol March, 1990.

The ACOA’s Guide offers…level-headed parenting guidance to adults who have been reared by alcoholic mothers and/or fathers…insightful and absorbing.

Theresa and Frank Caplan, Co-Directors, The Princeton Center for Infancy and Early Childhood

A very valuable, readable book filled with information to help the ACOA parent break the generational cycle of dysfunction, erase the destructive ‘scripts’ written years ago growing up in an alcoholic family, and raise healthy children…A vital work which should be read by ACOA parent and professionals in the field.

Renee Zito, Director of Treatment, Smithers Alcoholism Rehabilitation Center

This is a handbook adult children of alcoholics will want to refer to…again and again.

Arnold Lazarus, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Applied Professional Psychology, Rutgers University