Team Building & Integrity Sessions

The collective power of people united is far greater than a group of individuals.

When a coach decides to employ sports psychology along with Integrity Sessions he can be sure to get the most out of his team. Players are taught how to expect more of themselves and their teammates. They also learn that they can really count on each other to come through. When a team follows the ground rules for Integrity Sessions they learn how to make commitments that will elevate their performance and that of their teammates. They also learn how to respectfully confront one another in an effort to demand the best from each other. A team that knows how to play as a team is a force to be reckoned with.

Soccer PlayerIn a similar fashion, when a manager of a staff or work group decides to use optimal performance psychology, the mission of the team is crystallized as are the roles each member plays in it. When Integrity Sessions are integrated into the game plan, individual accountability is increased along with the team’s intrinsic motivation and sense of cohesion.

Integrity Sessions are structured interactive team building sessions that help work groups and teams demand excellence from one another. Team members are taught the five skills to building integrity in relationships: self-disclosure, listening skills, giving support, confronting teammates, and responding constructively to confrontation. These skills are effectively used in moving the team or work group towards the successful accomplishment of its mission. A further benefit of this approach is that the character and integrity of each member of the team is enhanced through the use of Integrity Sessions.